NRL and RLPA agree to scrap cooling-off periods

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    NRL, RLPA agree to scrap cooling-off periods for new contracts

    Michael Chammas, Chief Reporter
    Wed 13 Dec 2017, 03:56 PM

    Players switching clubs will no longer be able to have a change of heart after signing on the dotted line, with the NRL and RLPA agreeing to scrap the controversial 10-day cooling-off period for new contracts.

    The NRL has been tinkering with its protocols around player movement over recent years, but it was the public outcry that followed the decision by Manly Sea Eagles star Daly Cherry-Evans to renege on a deal with the Gold Coast Titans in 2015 that forced a change.

    Players used to be allowed to back out of contracts before June 30, before changing it to a round 13 deadline – the rule which was in place at the time of the Cherry-Evans controversy.

    The NRL then changed the protocols to allow players 10 days to change their minds, not allowing clubs to announce the signature until after the period lapsed or the players waived their right to the 10-day timeframe.

    James Tedesco and Josh Papalii are other players to have changed their mind after agreeing to terms with other clubs.

    Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the NRL and the Rugby League Players’ Association have agreed to scrap all measures providing players with the opportunity to pull out of a deal.

    It’s believed the move will take some of the power away from player managers, whose sway in the game has only increased over the years.

    “Removing the 10-day cooling-off period from player contracts was something we agreed to through the CBA negotiations,” RLPA general counsel Tim Lythe said.

    “In our view, a deal is a deal, and this process needed to be improved as it created unnecessary tension within the cooling-off period between clubs and players. This provision has proved detrimental to both clubs and players on occasions.

    “Having players and clubs commit to the contract once it’s signed increases the integrity of the entire player recruitment and negotiation process.”

    The NRL is pleased with the decision, comfortable with the fact players won’t be allowed to wriggle out of contracts.

    “As part of the new CBA, it was agreed that there will be no cooling-off period for the registering of contracts,” an NRL spokesman said.

    “It was the NRL’s view that once a decision is made and a contract is signed, it should be final, as is the case in other industries and professions.”
  2. Matty23

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    Thank god, common sense prevails. Was always a stupid idea and a blight on contracts.
  3. member 2299

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    The first quotable quote of the 2018 Season.

    'A deal is a deal'.
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  4. Joshhh

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    I wouldn't call it stupid. People can genuinely make heat of the moment decisions then regret it after having a few weeks for it to set in. But these guys are professional footballers dealing with multi million dollar contracts so they should be expected to be careful & be committed to their decisions. Plus it seems to be for the better of the game by not allowing managers to potentially exploit the cooling off period.
  5. Billy

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    Most players signing their first big contract are just kids who can be exploited.
    The Mata'utia boys signed something their manager put in front of them, and it turned out he was trying to rush them into signing for a club he supported.
    Most big deals, like buying a house etc, have a cooling off period, and it's only sensible.

    I don't know why the RLPA would agree to scrap it. Taking it away only benefits the clubs and puts young players at risk of signing a bad deal.
  6. Kurriboy

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    Aug 24, 2016
    Not sure why the RLPA would agree to this at all, since there is no benefit to the players. I can only think this was in exchange for some other concession they received as part of the negotiation.

    Managers that do shonky stuff will get a name for themselves and will hopefully be weeded out.

    This change is good for clubs and fans though, and also the NRL in general. Hopefully it will stop all that media hype around players having signed for a club, but nothing announced etc. As soon as the signature happens, club can announce it and can move on other players with certainty.
  7. Nickwpearce

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    About time, honestly most contracts these days like even mobile phones dont have cooling off periods, so why should a job?

    And thats what i is, its a job to them nothing else.

    If you are cetrain you want to play then sign just like Pearce did, no cooling off period with him.

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