Cronulla Sharks squad being investigated over altercation

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    From the SMH

    Cronulla’s entire squad has been barred by one of the Sutherland Shire’s most popular nightspots as a result of a late-night incident that the Sharks and police are investigating.

    The Herald can reveal Cronulla Sailing Club has taken the extraordinary step of telling the area’s NRL club that their players are no longer welcome there.

    The blacklisting comes after an altercation on the night of December 21 in which a series of scuffles are understood to have broken out across the venue involving lower-grade players, prompting police to be called.

    The Sharks have been investigating the incident since before Christmas and are yet to determine whether to begin disciplinary proceedings with any players.

    The action taken by the sailing club – which, like the Sharks, is considered an institution in the Shire – has led to speculation that the episode may have been more serious than a fracas involving lower-graders.

    The Herald has been told there were also first-grade players at the sailing club on the night who did not intervene.

    Sharks chief executive Barry Russell said on Friday the club was treating it “very seriously”.

    “I can confirm there was an incident, which is being investigated by the club. The club has informed the [NRL] integrity unit and is working with police with their investigation,” he said. “We will take the appropriate action once the investigation is concluded.”

    Cronulla Sailing Club licensee Ken McKay, a former NSW Police Assistant Commissioner, was also tight-lipped about what transpired at his venue before Christmas.

    “There will be no comment from the Cronulla Sailing Club as there is a current and ongoing investigation being conducted by the Licensing Police at Cronulla as well as an investigation being conducted by the CEO at the Sharks,” McKay said in a text message.
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    Footballers and late booze is a very poor mix.
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    As my Dad frequently says.... they are football players, they aren't employed because of their intelligence

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    If there were firstgraders there who didn't get involved, they were on a hiding to nothing.
    If they had got involved, even if trying to calm the situation, they would have been all over the papers the next day and would have had their lives and careers ruined - and now they are getting grief for avoiding getting involved.
    I hope Cronulla sack that big prop Monty Raper from their under 20s - he's the next Klemmer - we could maybe throw him a lifeline.
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    Flanagan and the Sharks have released a joint statement today basically stating he's resigning from his post as head coach so the Sharks can focus on 2019 with John Morris or whoever they plan to put there.

    He is still planning to appeal his suspension away from all of that.

    SMH published another piece reiterating that Flanagan/Sharks ran their own show during the suspension so I have absolutely zero sympathy and hope he has the book thrown at him and isn't involved with a club again.
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