Andrew Johns suffers seizure

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    Andrew Johns suffers seizure while on family holiday in Yamba

    Phil Rothfield, Sports Editor-at-Large, The Sunday Telegraph
    December 29, 2018 11:00pm

    Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns is undergoing treatment from neurology specialists after being floored by a series of brain seizures.

    The Origin and Kangaroos legend collapsed in a north coast coffee shop on Friday in the latest episode of a health battle he has been privately dealing with for several years.

    The 44-year-old had been enjoying the Christmas break with his partner Kate Kendall and their four-month-old daughter Alice at Yamba, a popular holiday surfing town.

    According to an onlooker Johns collapsed, heavily bumped his head on the floor, where he lay for several minutes in a semi-conscious state.

    Shocked holiday makers called an ambulance.

    Johns was treated by paramedics at the scene but declined to attend nearby Maclean Hospital.

    “I’ve got some medical stuff going on,” Johns said, when contacted by The Sunday Telegraph.

    “They’re seizures that have been going on a while.

    “I’m seeing the right doctors and they are doing all the tests and have got me on medication.”

    Johns’ family are now urging the keen and accomplished surfer not to go surfing over the holidays.

    “I’m just going to kick back and enjoy the break,” he said.

    Johns phoned his brother, Fox Sports star Matthew Johns, after the latest scare.

    “He said he was standing in line to get served and could feel it coming on,” Matthew said.

    “Next thing he can remember is waking up on the floor. He’s had a few seizures in the last couple of years but his last one was probably 12 months ago.

    “He seems to think it comes on at times when he’s really tired.”

    Johns retired from rugby league in 2007 after 249 games for the Newcastle Knights.

    He has previously suffered from a bipolar disorder.

    The ongoing health effects of concussions and head injuries sustained by contact sport players is one of the biggest issues in world sport.

    The NRL will introduce a “brain bunker” next year where experts will monitor players during games for signs of concussion.

    Johns was once renowned for his party boy image but has lived a healthy lifestyle in recent years.

    His employers at Channel 9 have been aware of his health issues and are offering support.
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    Best wishes to Joey, frequent seizures can have a profound effect on how you live the rest of your life.

    Not knowing the nature of these seizures I'm making a tentative guess it may be a form of epilepsy (although there can be many reasons for experiencing them at different ages).

    For some context, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 14 or 15, now 25 years later it is a daily consideration as to what activities I do or situations I place myself in. Seeing how crippling conditions such as epilepsy can be on people who are unable to function in a manner almost everyone else takes for granted I consider myself extremely fortunate that I can still work, drive and do most of the things I would like.

    We know the wild life and poor choices Joey has made over the years, this is something that will always stick with him. But it sounds like he's in a really good place with a young family and has in a sense grown up in recent years, having to face this situation now he has his house in order must be devastating.

    I hope Joey gets through this without any dramas, and with the support rather than criticism of the rugby league community.
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    Apparently the seizures have been happening for years. How many years who knows.

    But I am guessing the reason for them has already been fully explored and he just has to live with them. Probably only came out now as this seizure happened very publicly.

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